About us

ThinkSystem is a project about System Design and Code focusing on system design in practice (in code) to create reliable and effective systems. We believe that thoughtful design and structure are most important in the creation of systems that are joyful to develop and maintain. Here, we will share our insights and expertise on how to achieve that.

We are most experienced in Kotlin/Java, so most of the code examples we share will be in these languages.

Who we are

Konstantin Pugachev

I am an expert software developer and tech lead with 12+ years of experience developing high-load mission-critical systems. I like challenging projects with a big impact and specialize in designing scalable and reliable architecture for complex distributed systems. Among my most impactful projects are creating an IDEAL-like payment system with 23M transactions daily (from scratch), a new customer support ticket system for Joom marketplace (from scratch), and a monitoring system for broadband wireless devices.

I’ve led development teams of various sizes. For the last 7 years, I’ve mentored and taught software developers and SDETs in multiple companies how to improve their system design and development skills. And I enjoy seeing how the quality of other developers’ solutions improves with my help.

Anastasia Davydova

I am a software developer, architect, and Ph.D. I specialize in systems with complex domains. Over the last 14 years, I’ve designed and developed a clearing system processing 50M transactions daily (from scratch) for card payment system Mir with 256M issued cards, a new MasterCard processing center, an IDEAL-like payment system with 23M transactions daily, a high-load trading system for the derivatives market at the stock exchange, and an inventory system for Deutsche Bank international trading departments. Apart from that, I conducted research in Computer Science and earned a PhD degree from the University of Wales in the UK (2019).

I am interested in software architecture and system design and want to share my insights. I firmly believe that these are the main components of a system’s long-term success.

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